IMG_E55C3B-C0EEC1-62E592-EACAF4-204ED5-B4956FThe evolution of internet has seen a significant change in the last twenty years or so. From slow, unreliable dial-up connections we now have access to ultrafast broadband connections and 4G net. In India, it is estimated that about 20% of the total people, who regularly use the internet, use smartphones to access the net. This number is headed towards an increase in 10% in another year or so. Though a whopping 400 million people in the country actively use the internet, a major part of the population has no access to it still. A lot of new users are hesitant in buying broadband connections as they are expensive and have limited data usage on ultrafast internet. Moreover India has very poor connection speeds as compared to other countries and the global average connection speed, which is 5Mbps.

Wireless Broadband Internet Connectivity

A wireless broadband connection is what people prefer these days over cable net or DSL. A broadband connection provides a better bandwidth range and connectivity. It delivers good speeds even in distant remote areas, which has made it more popular. Besides that, wireless internet connections have done away with long wires, ugly cables and hindering cords. A simple data card or a Wi-Fi router is enough to connect to the net. In terms of affordability also, a broadband connection is reasonably priced considering data charges and installation charges. Moreover broadband service suppliers are constantly trying to deliver their services in far-flung areas where people have very limited access.

Nowadays most of us need internet on the go, which has been made easier by our smartphones, tablets or laptops. Access to internet on the go increases overall productivity of employees and leads to swifter and more profitable business. Thus big corporates have benefited a lot by this. Getting a new wireless broadband connection is just a phone call away. Contact any local broadband connection provided and they will send their personnel to install it in your home and activate it within hours.

There are many wireless broadband service providers in Delhi NCR. The most well-known ones are listed as follows:

  • Airtel – Airtel gives ultrafast broadband as well as 4G internet connections. It boasts of a superior data card technology as compared to other internet service providers
  • DEN Boomband – Boomband is known to provide broadband connection at amazing speeds (up to 100 Mbps)
  • Reliance Netconnect: Reliance is one of the best broadband connections in the city. It is also the most reasonably priced with data plans starting from only Rs. 400. The speeds for downloading differ from user to user based on which connection the user has opted for.