The use of internet and its degree of connectivity has undergone a major transformation in India in the last twenty years or so. Earlier we had to be content with slow, irregular and inconsistent dial-up connections. That has changed and now we have at our disposal superfast wireless internet connections and 4G as well. Nowadays we have achieved speeds that are thousands of times faster than what we had, which is a tremendous technological feat of this century. It is quite hard to imagine our daily lives without a reliable internet connection that provides consistent connectivity and high speed. A major part of our daily work such as mail communication, social media posts, video conferencing all rely on a good internet service.
Statistics say that India ranks third in the number of people who use the internet regularly, worldwide. The number of subscribers accessing the internet on a regular basis are estimated to be around a hundred million. This is also the reason why a big number of wireless broadband service providers have emerged in the market.

Broadband Connectivity in Gurgaon
Their are numerous wireless broadband internet service providers in Gurgaon. The most popular ones Airtel, BSNL, Reliance, Tikona, Den Boomband and Hathaway. Apart from these, there are also many local service providers. However not all connections are reliable or affordable. It is always advisable to check customer reviews about service quality before opting for a connection. Buying low-priced internet plans claiming to have high speed but with poor connectivity and service quality is of no use. One must ensure that service and speed both are consistent as per the service provider’s claim and only then pay for the connection.

Low-Cost Broadband Plans
BSNL 3G provides the most cost-effective plan for 1GB of internet where the speed can reach higher than 2Mbps. Such a plan would cost the customer around Rs. 200 on a monthly basis. The prices however vary depending on whether the user has a postpaid connection or a prepaid one. The lowest package for those users who opt for a postpaid connection starts at Rs. 449.
Another broadband internet provider that offers internet connection at high speeds in Gurgaon is DEN Boomband. DEN Boomband boasts of connection speeds as high as 100 Mbps. It allows users to download movies, play games and do other online work simultaneously without bothering about the speed being affected. It is currently the most preferred service provider which is fast and affordable.