Den-Boomband-experienceIn spite of being in the top 3 in terms of number of active Internet users worldwide, India’s progress towards a Digital India continues to be thwarted by slow internet connectivity. According to recent reports, India has the slowest average connection speed as well as the slowest peak connection speed in the Asia-Pacific. When Hong Kong recorded a peak download speed of 84.6 Mbps, India’s speed stood at 13.9 Mbps. Korea’s average broadband speed was 25.3 while India’s was less than 1Mbps. This clearly highlights the low position India occupies in terms of broadband connection speeds as compared to the other countries in the world.

Need for Speed

Estimates suggest that very soon the number of active users in India will cross the 300 million mark. Most of the users will be accessing the internet on their smart devices like phones, tablets, notebooks etc. at 3G or 4G speeds. However, most internet service providers reduce the download speeds to almost half after users have exhausted their pre-defined data-limit for downloading (such as 10GB or 40GB). This further affects the average broadband speeds and makes transactions like ticket booking and phone banking extremely difficult to accomplish. It is tough to imagine India developing thriving Smart Cities without good internet speeds, since the success of such an endeavor would depend upon sharing information instantly and seamlessly through voice, data or videos without any obstructions in connectivity.
Needless to say, the country needs better broadband internet connectivity in order to make efforts towards implementing digital services that define the vision of Digital India such as smart cities, e-governance, phone banking etc.

DEN Boomband Redefining Broadband

DEN Networks has started marketing their wireless broadband services under the brand name DEN Boomband. It has taken steps towards redefining wireless broadband connection and boasts of many benefits over other internet service providers. The advantages are listed as follows:

  • Extremely high download speeds – DEN Boomband delivers superior download speeds, sometimes as high as 100Mbps, using which users can download music, movies, games, large amounts of data in a matter of minutes. These can also be done simultaneously without affecting the speed.
  • No issues with buffering – Buffering/Lagging is the most common problem faced by customers when dealing with slow internet connections. DEN Boomband promises to offer ultrafast broadband connections that would remove all buffering issues and provide seamless, uninterrupted connectivity.
  • It is affordable and efficient – The internet plans offered by DEN Boomband are cost-effective and can be afforded by all working class customers. Since it offers amazing connection and download speeds and is reasonably priced, DEN’s customer base has increased manifold since its inception.